With Datalabs’ help, at a Marketing Director’s level, reporting is now a unified dashboard — simple and insightful.

An online healthcare and insurance company came to Datalabs with a problem: zero visability of its “big picture” marketing data. The company is the expert in digital marketing in its industry, but lacked a central dashboard, showing where it acquired its leads. Datalabs went to work.
Datalabs aggregated and analysed nearly 20 sources of data. We worked with the company’s various agencies and sifted through their marketing software feeds for insights that drove brand awareness, engagement, marketing costs, and leads. What was unique and what drove the business, we visualised in the dashboard below.
We visualised marketing channels, leads by geography, cost per lead, brand awareness, and we visualised where to company stood in relation to its competitors. For this healthcare and insurance company, no longer is reporting an endless series of PDF tables.

Healthcare Marketing Analytics Dashboard Design

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