Data Visualization Style Guides

Templates & tools kits to help you on the path to great data design.

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Your Data Needs Design.  Get A Data Visualization Style Guide

Analysts aren’t designers. And data science is different than data design.

We should know. Datalabs employs both the left and right brainers. We know it’s a rare individual that has both the skills to extract insights from complex data sets and then can turn heads with a beautiful visual story.

So give your data team a data visualization style guide, a visual blueprint that bridges the gap between art and science, between left and right brain thinking.

We create data visualization style guides using best practice techniques from our own data visualization work, giving you a style guide that defines the best possible use of data visualization in your reporting & analytics.

Style Guides for a Variety of Data Visualization Formats

Data visualization comes in many forms, so do our style guides.

We can cover them all: interactive data, animated data, dashboards, infographics, along with the traditional Excel graphs and charts displayed through PowerPoint.

We specialize in four data design areas:
Tableau style guides, Highcharts style guides,
Microsoft Excel style guides, and infographics style guides.

Tableau Style Guides
Stacked bar chart page from our Tableau style guide

Datalabs are Tableau specialists, who now offer style guides that cover reporting, functionality & data design specifically for Tableau products. We can create unique, scalable and hosted Tableau resources that simplify and unify your organisations reporting.

Highcharts Style Guides
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We create Highcharts style guides covering all standard and non-standard interactive chart types, themes, comparisons, best practices, colour, highlight and comparison tools. We cover standard usage, and also interactive design best practices and integration of other JS libraries.

Microsoft Excel Style Guides
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While not our favourite data visualization tool, Microsoft Excel is ubiquitous and in need of proper design style guides, in order for it to visually engage audiences. Datalabs knows how to get the best of this software, and our Excel Style Guides are proof of that.

Infographics Style Guides
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Infographics are everywhere now. Datalabs balances the need for a common brand design with the need of scalable creativity. Does your brand have a style guide for your team of content marketers and graphic designers? If not get an infographics style guide from Datalabs today!

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