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… is a data visualization agency, specializing in data visualization workshops, style guides, & strategic design services.

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Data Visualization for Business Intelligence

The Datalabs Agency is a Tableau and Power BI agency. We build style guides, dashboards and reports for business intelligence software.

Brand guidelines for dashboards and reports in Microsoft Power BI
Get professional training on designing business intelligence dashboards.
Skill-up with a creative Power BI design workshop.
Get the best dashboards and BI assets for you Power BI data.
Image of a Data Visualization Stack, Designed by Our Agency
Tableau design guidelines for all your future BI dashboards
Learn professional dashboard design at your own your pace with our online course.
Learn to visualize data more creatively with Tableau.
Best-practice dashboard designs and templates for Tableau.

A Data Visualization Agency for Visual Communications

Gain the skills to design reports, presentations, and infographics using data.

As a strategic data visualization agency, we want two things: better design skills in the corporate world and the government sector, and for our clients to learn the necessary skills from us and be able to do visualize their own data forevermore. Building strategic capabilities in data visualization is teaching a team or a company to fish. To design better presentations, visual reports, and infographics themselves. To get it right, understandable, and ‘easy on the eye’ the first time. We don’t want to sit our clients’ laps too long, to overstay our welcome.

So we’ve designed our workshops and online courses to change the nature of your visual communications and reporting. We run 16 different on-site and virtual workshops, teaching teams around the world modern data visualization and storytelling techniques. All types of employees have gone through our training: CEOs, communication officers, analysts, HR representatives — you name it. The Datalabs Agency is geared to train you and your colleagues in introductory data visualization all the way through to expert design for PowerPoint and infographics reports.

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Online Course

Introduction to Data Visualization Course

Corporate & Government Training in Data Visualization

Experience the breadth of workshops and courses our data visualization agency offers.

We’re not a boring IT consultancy. We’re creatives at our core, ones who can talk in everyday language about what excites us about data visualization. We’ve seen hundreds of projects, and we’ve seen the design and thinking mistakes that happened before we were on the job. That’s why we started teaching. That’s why we’ve designed our 16 data visualization workshops and online courses: To impart what we know, what do, and how we do it to a whole generation of professionals. Interested in designing your own training program?

We run training workshops for the three main corporate reporting formats: reports, dashboards, and presentations. We dig deeper into our experience to show what data visualization looks like in sales, marketing, HR, and finance. We break down industry data and train companies in the energy, insurance, banking, and healthcare industries. We’re also skilled facilitators, offering training in all the major BI and data design software: Tableau, Power BI, Adobe Illustrator, Microsoft PowerPoint, etc. Interested in rewarding your work-from-home employees? Check out the Data Visualization & Storytelling workbook.

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In-Person & Virtual Workshops

Design & Development Services

Five other reasons to work with us.

Interactive Data Visualization

See the beauty of interactive data and work with an agency that can design and develop the best experiences.

Digital Annual Reports & Microsites

Experience a new generation of microsite reports that will get you off print in a heartbeat.

Animated Data Videos

See the best in animated data and motion graphic design.

Maps & Cartography

Design and develop your geographical data into interactive maps.

Infographic Reports

Fuse your stale Excel and Word reports with infographics and magazine-stle typography.

The Thinking of a Top Data Visualization Agency

Read a choice selection of our thinking on subjects as diverse as AI design, colour theory, and storytelling with data.

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