8 More Common Types of Data Visaualization

Following up on our previous list of 15 Types of Data Visualization, which you can find here, we’ve come up with 8 more types of visualizations that we love and use in our work. This new list has examples of traditional ‘data visualisations’ and some that are more visual story telling, UX or design orientated. Either way, we think you we think there’s some cool and useful examples of data visualisation.

Gantt Chart

Gantt Chart

Gantt Chart

The go to data visualisation tool for project management for over 100 years (seriously…), the Gantt Chart uses a horizontal bar chart to track tasks of events within a schedule or timeline, with start and end times as linear events.

Word Cloud Australia

Word Cloud Australia

Word Cloud

Uses size and prominence to visualize the most used word/s in a group. Great for those looking to  find patterns quickly within text or keyword research for your digital marketing.


Bubble Cloud/Chart

Bubble Chart Example

Bubble Chart

Is a type of chart developed to display data by location on an axis and add a third variable in size of the bubble, similar to a scatter chart. The difference being the size of the bubble also determines a value.  Also, just saying bubble cloud seems to make people happy.

Radar/Spider Chart

Radial/Spider Chart

Radial Chart

Used to plot values along a series of seperate axis, starting at the centre and working outwards to represent relative value. Usually, it’s used when more  than five values need representations and visualisation within on chart.  Often used for sports statistics, budgets.

Customer Journey Map

Customer Journey Map Example

Customer Journey Map

Bridging the gap between data visualization, user experience and design. It can be data driven, either quantitatively or qualitatively but more often blends the two with examples of real customer experience and story telling. Its design can be a temporal graph with an x/y axis or take a more ‘story’ led design with the use of flowcharts, storyboards or blueprints.

Area Chart

Area Chart Example

Area Chart

Similar to a line chart, it allows you to represent more than one value on a line while the transparent shading and colours allow you to see the other data lines, allowing for easier comparison between data, as all values are visible.

Sankey Diagram

Sankey Diagram Example

Sankey Diagram

is a type of flow chart that uses arrows to proportionally show a flow and quantity. It’s used to visualize flow/s within a system – think energy flow within an engine.

Venn Diagram

Venn Diagram Example

Venn Diagram

Shows a logical relationship between different ideas or data sets. The circles are used to represent ideas or data and the convergence of the circles represent the crossover or similarities of the idea or data.

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