Pillar Superannuation Tableau Dashboard Report

Case Study: Pillar Superannuation Tableau Dashboard Report


Aim: Create an interactive dashboard, utilizing Tableau, to convey the data that had been collected over the financial year.


Timeframe: 4-6 weeks

Tools: Tableau, Adobe Illustrator, & InDesign


Pillar Administration


Executive Superannuation Dashboard Project

Pillar Administration came to Datalabs, seeking to reinvent the way they visualised their superannuation reporting. The aim of the report was to aggregate their costs of the financial year, as to develop a comparison to previous years. It was built with the intention of internal use, and therefore created for the audience of internal stakeholders.


Previous reporting techniques were very data heavy. It was important for purposes of widespread reporting that data was portrayed in an easy to use format, that showed the most information, without over-crowding with data. Interactivity means you can go straight to the data you need to access – no need to go searching through documents or spread sheets! A simple 14-module dashboard was designed to be functional, and visually appealing. The end result is engaging and useful.


Our team met with the key stakeholders of Pillar to address the needs of the product (style, format, colour pallet, distribution, etc.) Once these were collated and agreed upon, the project was underway!

The project design was done in illustrator, and the layout was done with InDesign. Once the design was approved, the tables and graphs were transported to the world of Tableau.

The dashboard reflects the function of the report, whilst embracing the style of the brand identity.


The project took around six weeks in total, which included three design drafts and dashboard revisions.

What’s next?

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