Data Visualization Consultant

Get expert advice on data visualization from our agency's Managing Director.

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Do you need a part-time data visualization consultant? Or one-time advice from an experienced data visualizer?


Some data design projects need an outside resource to fill in where there are gaps in knowledge or experience. We offer our most experienced data visualization consultants to clients around the world. Whether it’s a Power BI dashboard design that just doesn’t look right or a need to think “outside of the box” for a big report, having a consultant on tap to answer questions, suggest alternatives, or solve design issues can be handy.


Book a data visualization consultant and get the opinion of a professional data visualizer on what to change, what to throw out, and what to keep in your data design. Our consultants can review your work, provide feedback on user experience issues, and generally lift up the quality of your work.


So before launching a new dashboard, submitting a business case, or retrofitting an old infographic report, book time with our data visualization consultants and work out the problems and the solutions collaboratively.


Sessions are bookable in one-hour blocks, four hours maximum.



What is a Data Visualization Consultant?

A data visualization consultant is a professional data visualizer, hired give advice or a second opinion on the user experience (UX) and the user interface (UI) of a business intelligence dashboard, infographic report, or interactive application.

The Datalabs Agency brings over twelve years of analytics and data visualization design experience. We’ll bring relevant advice, workarounds, and solutions from our portfolio of past client projects. We can suggest options and solve big problems in the usability, structure, and visualizations found in your existing project. We can also discuss the challenges found in your teams’ workflow and abilities when comes to visualizing data. And finally, we have a vast knowledge of the tools and the software that you may be using, be it Power BI, PowerPoint, or Tableau.

Dashboard design sketch in black and white
Final dashboard design from our critique and review process
Map designer's marker
ABOVE: Drag the yellow icon found at the center of the image. This is a before-and-after example of a dashboard design one of our data visualization consultants helped with.

What Do You Want From a Data Visualization Consultant?

Icon for the Generative AI Design Workshop

Time With a Data Visualization Expert

Book an hour or secure a half day. Soon your session with us with get at the core of your dashboard’s problems.
Icon for Data Visualization Workshop: Infographic and Report Design

A Visual Critique

You’ll receive our recommendations on a visually-annotated PDF — everything from chart changes to icon ideas to layout and grid tweaks.
Icon for the Generative AI Design Workshop

The Right Insights?

Get our honest advice about what insights are useful to your dashboard’s audience.
Icon for data visualization course showing a diagram onlinen

The Best Design?

We’ll suggest the best layout, different charts, & changes to your dashboard’s user experience.
User interaction icon

The Correct Interactions?

Are you using the correct dropdowns, filters, & UI components in your dashboard?

Our data visualization consultants have seen a lot of bad dashboards, reports, and infographics. We know how to solve common design problems and quickly arrive at better choices in charts, insights, layouts, data strategies — you name it. Most importantly, if you seek our advice, we can get your project moving again in the right direction.

Our agency’s data visualization consultancy service is overseen by our Managing Director, Otto Ottinger, a data visualizer with over 17 years of experience working in the United States, the Middle East, Europe, Asia, and Australia.

A photo of our dashboard design consultant, Otto Ottinger

Otto Ottinger

Managing Director

Otto Ottinger

Managing Director

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Otto Ottinger, Managing Director


Dashboard design audit, user interface review, critique of dashboard's interactions, recommendations for charts & graphs, redesign suggestions

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