Power BI Templates

Get the best grids, layouts, navigation, and UI components for your dashboards.


Are you tired of spending hours creating a dashboard from scratch?


Using the same chart types over and over again is boring, and it’s time-consuming to create them from scratch every time you need one.


Imagine having 42 pre-made templates, designed by our professional data visualizers. Each template is ready for your data in just a few clicks. Each template has been designed with specific chart placeholders that match up perfectly with each other, so you can easily customize them to fit your brand colors and fonts.


Our Power BI Templates are easy-to-use tools for creating stunning dashboards fast. They come preloaded with chart placeholders that match up perfectly with each individual layout – no more guesswork or trial-and-error design needed!



Our Power BI Templates Ensure Good Design and Save You Time

Starting a dashboard design from scratch can be daunting and stressful when it doesn't need to be. This large array of easy to use dashboard templates are designed to maximise how you and your audience view data forevermore.

ABOVE: Hit play for a sneak peak of the dashboard templates and design components.
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Easy and Fast to Use?

It’s as simple as copy and paste. Plus, receive an inventory and instruction document.

More than Layouts?

Apart from 40+ diverse layouts, you’ll get chart guidance, icons, home pages, and more.

Best UI Design?

Designed and developed by expert data visualizers with extensive Power BI experience.

What is Included in Our Power BI Templates?

We offer three product classes. See the options below and choose the one that suits your needs.

Why Should You Design Data With Power BI Templates?

The short answer is: because it's easier.

The advantages of designing reports with templates are numerous. If your templates for Power BI were designed and tested by professional data visualizers, you’d get a modern report with a clean layout, an intuitive user experience (UX), and even responsive designs for all your future dashboards and reports to come.

There’s also the speed factor. Your design decisions are automated when using a Power BI report template. As your first step, choose a layout — one of over 40 report layouts. It’s simple to choose among the layouts and user interface (UI) components that are in the template library. No more fussing about — the decisions about how to structure your report layout or how many modules you’d like to show above the fold. are already answered.

So are you interested in better BI visualization and report building? Then add Datalabs’ templates to your shopping cart today, and start designing the best reports of your life.

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Additional information

Product Class

Business Class, Premium Class, Standard Class

Number of templates

20 (standard class) 40 (premium and business class)

Start pages

1 (standard class) 3 (premium and business class)

Extra downloads

Theme file, icons (premium and business class only), interactive PDF instruction booklet

Chart count per layout

1-12 charts (standard class) 1-15 charts (premium and business class)

Time with Datalabs staff

One hour meeting (business class only)

Template file types

Templates = .pbix, working file = .pbit, theme file = .json, instructions = .pdf, icons = .png & .svg

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