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The Datalabs Agency understands the need for creativity in dashboard and report design – from what data to use, to the insights selected, to the final user experience (UX). Our Microsoft Power BI dashboard designers start with a simple idea: make intuitive, impactful dashboards that get answers visualized — memorably and beautifully.


We are not your stale, old-school consultancy. We think there’s more to designing effective dashboards than choosing a bar graph or a pie chart.

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The Datalabs Agency builds the strategic capabilities for Power BI inside of companies and government at all levels. Our suite of data design services imparts our years of creative know-how into your employees, through in-house or remote training, to new assets like Power BI themes, Power BI templates, or a Visual Reporting Strategy that’ll guide your reporting teams for years to come.

Want to have a common look-and-feel to all your Power BI reports? Ask about getting a data visualization style guide, specifically for Microsoft Power BI. Need dashboard design skills? We teach our methodologies for designing dashboards at a basic to an advanced level. Or is this the year to finally get a roadmap for your visual reporting? Our Visual Reporting Strategies future-proof your investments in people and software, and present a detailed plan for where you want to be.

Consultant vs. In-house Resource

Why Work with a Dashboard Designer?

Six reasons for going down the creative data design route

It's All About the User

Know your audience?
User-centric data design is all we do. Our methodology for dashboard design respects the time and intelligence of your audience.

Reports With a Story

Storytelling with Power BI Reports
Dashboards and reports can be persuasive storytellers. Use a professional design firm that’s told hundreds of these stories.

Insights, Not Data Points

Ignore Meaningless Metrics
Your audience isn’t interested in 100% of your data. Talk with an agency that has a proven method for determining just the core insights.

Beauty Equals Engagement

Pay Attention to Pretty
Sorry, but some analysts and developers don’t agree. That’s why we get hired by their bosses. If you want attention and engagement, dare we say it — beauty — is the way to go.

Knack for Simplicity

Reduce to Refocus
Dashboard designs need to be clean, clear. Simple looks easy. But your reams of data and competing stakeholders add to the complexity. Simply look outside your project team for help.

On-Brand Designs

Power BI Dashboard Designers with Style
Start designing your Power BI dashboards and reports using your company’s branding. We work with Power BI themes and your company’s colour palettes, fonts, and icons.
To design Power BI dashboards & reports, you needcreativityempathydata visualization experience.

We're visual analysts and data visualizers, with years of experience designing on Power BI. We've worked with great organizations around the world with their reporting. Here's what they say about us.

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Power BI Dashboard Design Products

Get the best grids, layouts, navigation, and UI components for your dashboards.
An all-in-one package containing tools, guidance, and assets to design great dashboards
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Finally, a course that shows you what you need to know.

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