Digital Annual Reports & Interactive Microsites

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Datalabs offers something different, something new in business reporting and corporate communications – digital annual reports & Year In Review microsites.

Our suite of data visualization products (business intelligence dashboards, data presentations, infographic reports, animated data videos, and interactive data visualizations) can now be housed in one place, one web page: a microsite.

Our Microsites Are One-page Websites With Navigation and Content That Tells a Visual Story.

Take the old business staple — the annual report. The annual report for most corporations and government bodies is a must, a yearly exercise of gathering data, collecting information, and producing a document that resembles the same basic report produced last year. Most likely, this is a printed document, flat, on a white background, with stock images sprinkled throughout its pages. It’s digital cousin, the PDF, is there for journalists, analysts, and shareholders to download.

Digital Annual Reports: The Future Format for Visual Communications

Produce this old school annual report if you must. But take a look at Datalabs’ interactive annual reports & microsites or digital annual report. Your corporate communications story is told in interactive charts and graphs, animated videos, beautiful photographic and infographic imagery, and with text that wraps it all together.

Datalabs works with your communications team on the content that you’d like to include in your microsite. We can work with your current report, which has just been published and bring it a new life online. Or we can work with a PDF or printed document from the past and develop and design it as a visual, multimedia microsite that will get noticed, used, and easily understood by your audience.

Our Year In Review Microsites & Digital Annual Reports Tell A Great Deal Of Information In Very Little Time

Clicking on the navigation scrolls the user down the page, not to a separate website or page. Data is visualized, interactive, even animated. All within one online website.

If you’re interested in designing a new corporate annual report or microsite and wanting to push your communications in an innovative and visual direction, contact us at Datalabs and inquire our interactive annual reports & microsites.

Digital annual reports slide showing the design of a microsite

Looking to Move Your Annual Report From Print to Digital?

Examples of Our Digital Annual Reports & Interactive Microsites

Since 2011, the Datalabs Agency has been designing data-driven website reports. Here's a few.

Digital annual reports example
Digital annual report design from our agency
Digital annual reports: Our agency's microsite design for ProCARE
Example of a map in a microsite design project
A microsite case study showing our work with Investa

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