Get professional data visualizers working on your brand's Tableau guidelines.

Tableau Style Guides & Brand Guidelines

Tableau style guides and brand guidelines save a huge amount of time when styling new dashboards. They also reduce the costs of retrofitting the existing designs.

Get consistency for your business intelligence, nail down a defined process for visualizing data, and determine — once-and-for-all — a clear style for your brand in Tableau.

Our Tableau Style Guides & Brand Guidelines set the visual standards for your company’s dashboard layouts, user interface (UI) components, fonts, and charts, plus so much more…

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What are Tableau style guides and brand guidelines?

Tableau style guides (or brand guidelines) are a collection of a company's data visualization standards
for charts, graphs, fonts, color, interactivity, and user interface elements.

See example pages below in our Tableau style guides. Contact us to see our client case studies and to see more.

Why get a Tableau Style Guide?

Your analysts and data scientists are not graphic designers.

They’re not creative data visualizers, either. Then why expect them to design your company’s reports beautifully, simply, with a common user experience that is intuitively appreciated by your broad group of stakeholders? Get them a Tableau Style Guide designed with the help of your brand team and let that guide their visual aesthetic and usability ideas. A Tableau Style Guide lets them concentrate on what they do best: data analysis and insight generation.

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As a data visualization agency, we see it again and again: Companies spend time and money to redesign and re-style their Tableau dashboards.
Why? Because there are no design standards.

Without a Tableau style guide, design standards do not exist.

Without a Tableau Style Guide, the lack of design standards:

1) negatively affects the user experience (UX) of your dashboard’s audience.
2) gets very expensive
3) is not a strategic use of your BI resources.

With BI guidelines in place, you and your team will:

1) save time & effort designing dashboards and workbooks.
2) move seamlessly from dashboard concept to final design.
3) design on-brand .twbx files forevermore.

Choose the Power BI Report Design Guidelines
That are Right for Your Company

The Datalabs Agency offers two classes of Tableau Style Guides: Standard and Business Class.
Does your company use Microsoft’s Power BI? Check out our downloadable Power BI theme and templates.

Standard Class

Our turnkey solution for Tableau
  • Multiple design theory pages
  • Your brand elements applied - fonts, colours, icons
  • Common use charts - 10 designed charts
  • Basic technology instructions
  • 1 x Template
  • Plus much more!
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Business Class

A tailored and personalized style guide package
  • Everything listed in the Standard Class
  • Extended custom icon set and colour palette
  • 20 designed charts
  • On-site kick-off meeting and handover
  • Multiple template designs
  • Plus much more!
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Creating brand guidelines and style guides for Tableau isn’t the only thing the Datalabs Agency does.

We think of ourselves as a strategic data visualization agency. That’s why we offer our clients training, data visualization consultants, our design assets, and any help to get their skills for designing data to the next level.

If you are looking to secure a Tableau designer and developer, we have the best. See a recent Tableau case study here.

If you need a roadmap for everything design and communication, check out our Visual Communications Strategies service and solve your company’s Tableau challenges at the foundational level.

Contact us and ask how we can help with your Tableau styling, design, and development.

Train your staff to design dashboards properly, hire us, or take a course yourself.

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