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Let’s face it: the same problem is possible with Tableau as it was with Microsoft Excel. Your analysts and data scientists are not graphic designers. They’re not creative data visualizers, either. Then why expect them to design your company’s reports beautifully, simply, with a common user experience that is intuitively appreciated by your broad group of stakeholders? Get them a Tableau Style Guide designed with the help of your brand team and let that guide their visual aesthetic and usability ideas. A Tableau Style Guide lets them concentrate on what they do best: data analysis and insight generation.

What’s Included in Your Tableau Style Guide?

Designing a Tableau dashboard

Multiple pages linking the latest in design research with methods of applying it to your design.


Each chart is presented with a design best practice example and content to understand and use them effectively.


Alongside your style guide, you will be given templates and frameworks to get you moving immediately in the right direction.


On brand design rules your company can follow to ensure unified designs. Think typography and color.


Step by step instructions to limit technical challenges and allow your team to focus more on the design.


The list goes on. Reqest extras with your style guide such as icon sets, design examples, and source files to name a few.

Take a Look Inside Our Tableau Style Guides

What Are People Saying About Our Tableau Style Guides?

“Everyone is very pleased with the template that was produced by the Datalabs Agency, and I found them very pleasant to work with and open to our ideas. We have now produced a number of final study reports using the templates and they look great.”
Style Guide Feedback

Victorian Institute of Forensic Mental Health

Pair Your Style Guide with Training!

Get expert advice on your dashboard designs and time with our agency's Managing Director.
From: $500
Finally, a course that shows you what you need to know.
Learn best practices for next-generation dashboards in this fast-paced, hands-on workshop.
From: $1,250
“Thanks for the design overview and the development assets. The style guide is very detailed and informative.”
Style Guide Feedback

Daimler - Mercedes Benz

Configure Your Tableau Style Guide

Standard Class

  • Multiple design theory pages
  • Your brand elements applied - fonts, colours, icons
  • Common use charts - 10 designed charts
  • Basic technology instructions
  • 1 x Template
  • Plus much more!
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Business Class

  • Everything listed in the Standard Class
  • Extended custom icon set and colour palette
  • 20 designed charts
  • On-site kick-off meeting and handover
  • Multiple template designs
  • Plus much more!
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Tableau Style Guides: Our Process to Design the Best Data Visualization Brand Guidelines

Kick-off discussion
Here we introduce all stakeholders and begin the project
Requirement Gathering
Datalabs Agency will request certain brand elements needed for your Style Guide
Style Guide Design
This is where it's full steam ahead for Datalabs to design your custom style guide
Design Delivery
You'll be presented with a full draft of the style guide
Design Refinement
Once you've had a chance to produce your feedback, we get down to refining
Style Guide Handover
Here you will receive your style guide perfected according to your needs
Leave It to the Professionals…

Our clients did!

Pair Your Tableau Style Guide Up With Another Offering

Data Visualization Workshops

Datalabs Agency provide a variety of data visualisation training workshops. This is recommended as a perfect accompaniment to your style guide as you’ll learn best practice design through personalised theory and guided exercises. We run a large variety of workshops tailored to specific industries and software. Talk to us about how you can package the workshop up with your style guide.

Data Viz Online Learning

Learn the basics in data visualization and storytelling in your own leisure with an online course. This course runs through, step by step, our process which has been tried and tested to produce quality designs which meet your purpose. We recommend taking the eLearning course to warm-up to the theory and practical elements in data viz and then applying it to your work whilst referencing your style guide. The two go hand-in-hand.

Design Services

Let us take the first design using your style guide to show just what your brand is capable of. Maybe you have a challenge that you would like some expert assistance with. By utilising the Datalabs Agency’s experienced team, we’ll take you through our process whilst working through your challenges. This will leave you with a benchmark design to reference and take into future projects with your style guide on hand. 

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