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Infographic Design: Data-Driven Reporting to Visual Storytelling

Communicate complex data quickly and effectively through visualisation with infographics

Infographic report design – visual documents presenting data and insights quickly and clearly – are a key driver of engagement for anyone trying to understand a complex dataset. Infographic reports tell a simplified and beautiful story, contextualising relationships, scale, distribution, and proportions in business data.


A Suite of Data-Driven Infographic Reports

Infographics or infographic reports are used to visually present a company’s or government organisation’s key ideas and insights. By using basic principles of design to support the data, we are able to make it more easily accessible to a larger audience of stakeholders. And we won’t do it in a boring way. Reports, metrics, KPIs will all look better visualised in an infographic and shared internally via your companies intranet, as collateral in meetings, or used to bolster a business case.

Infographic Design Examples For Australian Companies

Be different:

Don’t print out your metric or construct your next PDF report. Let Datalabs design your data in an infographic format and provide your audience with the key findings ‘ready-made’ in collateral format that can be used in additional presentations, business cases, and stakeholder discussions.

Research & Infographic Reports

We design long-form research reports, market research reports, government submissions or annual reports in infographic style. The examples below are for an Australian university end of year summary report. Check out the full case study here.

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Comparative Information Design

When drawing comparisons, infographics help organise similarities and differences that compliment the information being presented. Comparisons can be difficult to express with words, sometimes to the point of being more confusing than revealing to the audience. By presenting the same information in a neatly organised infographic, comparisons become clearer.

Statistics and Numbers Can Overwhelm Audiences

…and therefore lose much of their significance. When organised into an infographic format, it becomes much easier to quickly draw meaning from data. The core purpose of an infographic is to simplify a complex idea, which makes them great educational tools, especially when presenting an overview of a topic instead of an in-depth analysis.