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Interactive Map Designers

Cartography is the art and science of making maps… and making beautiful and informative maps is what our agency does. The Datalabs Agency has world-class map designers on staff with extensive experience in geospatial design and development.

Every day our agency handles large amounts of location data. Our map designs engage audiences on a avriety of devices: websites, tablets, and mobile applications, communicating the great stories of ‘where?’ using the best cartographic software available today.

We can work with your development team to design maps to embed in your company’s or government organization’s applications and websites. Datalabs also develops and designs maps for internal use, as well — maps that serve inside of your intranet, sales, or client reporting portals. All we need to know is what data would you like to see on a map and we’ll design a fantastic experience on a mapping platform and in a format that makes sense for your business.

Image of a cartographic website and two mobile mapping apps made by our agency's map designers

See some case studies and examples of beautiful maps.

Map Designers with Style

Our agency has been designing and developing map experiences since 2011. Before that, our founder worked for National Geographic in Washington, DC, and Whereis.com in Australia. The cartographic development team at the Datalabs Agency works with Google Maps and other rich mapping libraries. Our vast knowledge of mapping platforms gives us an advantage — it helps us arrive at the best piece of technology, the best foundation to build a solid, well-designed map interface for our clients. See some of our favorite projects below.

Six Ideas For Great Maps

Tips for Designing Interactive & Animated Maps

Big Insights in Mapping

Sometimes the biggest insights in mapping are what’s not there: gaps, spaces, and distances. Visualizing the invisible often leads to the most insightful actions.

Vanity of the User

People see themselves in maps. Often they look for locations they are familiar with: their homes, their workplaces, and major landmarks to orientate themselves. That’s context.

UX on Tablets & Mobiles

Responsive design on Apple and Android devices have come along way. And gestures on interactive maps should work flawlessly across desktops, smartphones, and tablets.

Make Your Maps Easy to Update

The Datalabs Agency thinks about the operational effort in parallel with a map’s development effort. Design and develop an asset with us that you can use again and again.

Consider Other Data in Your Maps

Have you considered meteorological data, topography, or third-party data sources? We know about and have used hundreds of data sources in our map projects and cartography websites.

Map Designs That Are On-Brand

Just because your organization’s style guides haven’t detailed your brand in a map experience, doesn’t mean we don’t think of it. We’ll use your guidelines in our designs.
We design maps aboutpeople and politics.nature and the environment.structures and space.


The Datalabs Agency has been designing digital maps for websites and apps since 2011. Here's what our clients in North America, Australia, Asia, Europe, & the Middle East have to say.

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