Introduction to Data Visualization: Tools & Techniques Workshop

Skill up your organization’s abilities in data visualization.

A Crash Course in Data Visualization

See the future of data design and learn the best practices for visualizing data and telling better stories.

Here’s a sneak peek at what we teach in this data visualization workshop…


Focusing on your audience to know what data you can leave out.

The Best Chart or Graph

The bread and butter of data visualization: How do you decide on the best chart or graph for your data?

Data Visualization Formats & Software

Understand the pros & cons of infographics, dashboards, & visual reports.

Icons & Diagrams

Learn to source & create icons and diagrams for your reporting and presentations.
Image of 8 Slides from the Data Visualization Workshop: Tools and Techniques Training

Examples of Data Stories

Get proper training on what business stories look like and how they can be presented.

Graphic Design & Data

Learn what graphic design principles best impact your data.

Visualize Insights, Not Metrics

Know the difference between a metric and an insight, because your audience does.

Sketching Your Grid & Visuals

Before you get on any data visualization tool, learn the importance of grids and a quick sketch.

There's no better time...

Learn how to visualize data like a professional.

Data visualization is a powerful tool for telling stories with data. It can help us see patterns and trends that we might not have noticed otherwise, or tell a story in a way that’s more compelling than just numbers on a page. But it’s also hard work! There are so many different chart types out there, and each one has its own strengths and weaknesses. How do you choose the right one for your data? And once you pick the best type of graph, how does it fit inside your wider story? This workshop will teach attendees everything they need to know about visualizing their data effectively.

New methods and new thinking

Stop your current way of reporting. Make the leap into better design.

The hope is that our workshop attendees will get a well-rounded set of techniques to get insights from data and communicate them better in more simplified ways. Datalabs instructors teach the workshop attendees what we, as a data visualization agency know, giving attendees new options and outlets for their data and their careers.


Create eye catching visuals that transform numbers into meaningful insights.


Quick and collaborative. And we don't fluff around.

What Will Attendees Learn in This Workshop?

They'll learn how to make data easy for others to understand. In addition, they see first-hand the art of telling a visual story with graphs and charts. We'll also train them to avoid common pitfalls in data visualization design and storytelling.

How long is the Intro to Data Viz workshop?

In total, four hours — we offer it in two two-hour sessions or one half-day block.

What are the recommended number of attendees per workshop?

We find it works best to have between 5 and 20 attendees per workshop.

How does the Datalabs Agency teach the workshop?

Either via Microsoft Teams or Zoom. On-site workshops are possible, too. Inquire in the form below.

How much does a typical workshop cost?

It depends. We can price our data visualization workshops by the number of attendees or on a per workshop basis, whichever is cheaper for you. Contact us for an estimate.

Using both sides of the brain...

The art and science of turning raw information into lovely graphics

You will leave this workshop knowing how to simplify your data into something easy-to-understand; which chart types are useful for which kinds of datasets; how to highlight insights from your graphs; and finally, techniques for turning your visualizations into stories using graphic design software. We’ll also cover some great examples of effective storytelling through visualization – both good and bad – so you can avoid common pitfalls when creating charts yourself! By the end of this course, attendees will be able to create beautiful charts themselves with confidence!

Fun, informative, & impactful

A Data Visualization Workshop, An Enjoyable Experience

The Datalabs Agency has created this introductory course for people who are interested in becoming better at communicating insights through data visualization. By participating in this interactive workshop, we hope that participants will gain valuable skills that they can excitedly take back into their workplaces and apply immediately.


See a preview of our facilitators in action...

The Datalabs Agency launched it's first interactive data visualisation in 2011. Since then, we've kept in touch with many of our clients from all over the world. Here what some of them have to say about us.

Our workbook is a great resource for data visualization design workshop attendees, whether their positions have them sitting in the Boardroom or behind an analyst’s desk. The ideas and techniques featured in this workbook are vital for all modern executives dealing with reporting, statistical analysis, and visual communications. Designed by the Datalabs Agency, it contains insider tips and tricks from our professional data visualizers and BI designers, as well as exercises to follow that will help you perfect your skills! Available as either a digital or printed version for employees working from home or in the office.

Image of three Microsoft Power BI workshops that accompany a Power BI training workshop
Customized Data Visualization Workshop - Image showing blank slides and visual data from our Infographics Workshop training course

The Introduction to Data Visualization: Tools & Techniques Workshop Can Be Customized

Ask about introducing your data into the exercises and including specific content into your workshop.

Let us know about your ideas for this type of data visualization training. We know that you and your team might have specific needs. We’ve trained everyone from beginners to skilled graphic designers. We know you might have early adopters in your teams and those who don’t want to change.

This introductory workshop can be tailored for any audience at any level. The collaborative exercises can be reimagined with your data, data your employees will be working with next. Reach out to us and mention you’re interested in customizing your data visualization workshop.

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Who Facilitates Our Data Visualization Workshops?

Otto Ottinger

Managing Director
Otto Ottinger Data Visualization Bio Photo
Otto is the Datalabs Agency’s Managing Director. Having learned his data visualization skills whilst working at National Geographic, Otto now serves as the Senior Instructor and Strategist for large client engagements, holding workshops with such companies as Marriott Hotels, Al Jazeera, eBay, and the Reserve Bank of Australia.

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