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Power BI Style Guides & Brand Guidelines

Power BI style guides and brand guidelines are the missing links in most business intelligence projects. When you work on any visual platform, having a guide is key to a defined process and a clear style.

A Power BI Style Guide sets the design standards for your brand’s BI style, look-and-feel, and dashboard interactivity.

What are Power BI style guides and brand guidelines?

They are a company's data visualization standards for charts, typography, color, interactivity, and user experience.

See example pages in our Power BI style guides. Inquire here to see more.

Power BI Brand Guidelines and Style Guides on a computer and mobile phones

So why do so many companies have to redesign and re-style their Power BI dashboards? Because there is no consistency.

Without a BI style guide, there is no consistency.

Without a BI Style Guide, this lack of consistency:

1) gets very expensive.
2) affects the user experience (UX) of your reports.
3) is not a strategic use of your resources.

With a guide, you and your team will:

1) move quickly from idea to final design.
2) save time & effort designing reports.
3) make your brand & marketing teams happy.

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Creating brand guidelines or style guides for your visual analytics is smart. Lifting your skills and your company’s ability to visualize data more strategically is even smarter.

That’s why the Datalabs Agency offers a well-rounded suite of products and services. We train corporate and government teams in styling their Power BI reports, teaching them to design using a style guide in mind: font usage, applying color palettes, utilizing templates, and deciding on a grid structure.

Check out our two workshops below.

In addition, we also design custom reports in Power BI. We’ve designed hundreds of dashboards for companies big and small. From Mercedes-Benz to Intel, our team of BI data visualizers and developers are available on contract or on a project-to-project basis.

Do you need a plan or strategy for effectively communicating data? We do that. Our consultants can work with your company about communicating data both internally within your company and externally to the general public, shareholders, or customers? Click below on our Visual Communications Strategies and solve your challenges at the root, at the strategic level.

Contact us and ask how we can help with the styling, design, and development of your Microsoft Power BI data.

Buy Power BI assets. Hire a data visualizer. Train your staff.

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