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With more than 25 years’ combined experience in data visualization, strategy, and analytics, Datalabs Agency is at the forefront of providing practical workshops that equip participants with the skills to interpret, analyze and present data better. Marketers, Financial Officers, and Operations Executives alike will gain valuable skills and insights into data to enable more effective decisions. If you’re looking for some great conference workshop ideas, here they are.

Have a look at some of these future-focused and hands-on workshops that Datalabs have available to present at your conference or event.

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Conference Workshop Ideas Available Now

Data Visualization Tools & Techniques Workshop

This Data Visualization Tools & Techniques workshop empowers attendees to find, simplify, and visualize data using cutting-edge tools and techniques. And then instructs them on creating an engaging and memorable story with the power of data visualization in all its formats. The structure of Datalabs’ data visualization workshop revolves around the tools and techniques that are used for the effective communication of insights. It’s geared to those that are on the ‘front lines’, ie. analysts, marketers, researchers, content creators, or those other positions that are handling data in their everyday jobs. The business environment is changing and our workshop aims to give attendees a beginner’s skill-set for visualizing and communicating data.

Participant outcomes:

  • learn to simplify data and understand which chart and graph types are useful for which types of data
  • discover the techniques for highlighting insights and teasing out the best visuals using graphic design software
  • learn to tell a compelling story with data to best communicate insights across a variety of content formats:  data presentations, animated data videos, and infographic reports

Data Visualization for Modern Marketing Workshop

Modern marketing teams need to be visual storytellers. They need to be experts in analytics. They need to be skilled in data visualization. The Data Visualization for Modern Marketing Workshop can give digital marketers the inside knowledge as to how to design marketing dashboards, how to aggregate insights into exciting, visual reports, and how to choose the most effective metrics to communicate in their presentations, in their stories. Finally understand how data from SEO, email newsletters, AdWords, marketing automation software, and social media can be aggregated, simplified, and designed beautifully to gain maximum insights and efficiency.

Participant outcomes:

  • map where your company’s marketing data is coming from and arrive at the important marketing metrics that drive your company
  • learn visual methods to communicate marketing success and ways to visualize risk, alerts, and downward trending metrics effectively
  • learn how to design your own interfaces, infographic reports, and dashboards

Infographics Workshop

Infographics are one of the most common forms of data visualization and communication design. They are an increasingly used form of information distribution for B2B, B2C, government & marketing. Our Infographics Workshop introduces participants to the basic principles of data visualizations. Along with its common forms, language, influences, and formats. It focuses on infographic design, data, charting, and tools that we use in our day to day agency work and have developed over 6 years designing infographics for clients in Australia and around the world.

Participant outcomes:

  • learn how to construct/deconstruct an infographic
  • learn the prototyping and planning process to create an infographic
  • learn how to use data effectively in reporting and how to tell a story – with or without data

Data Visualization for Modern Marketing Workshop

Financial data often comes from two sides: internal company financial data (you know – income and cash flow statements, balance sheets); and external financial data (hedge funds, M&A metrics, equity markets, and exchange traded funds or ETFs, etc.). In this Financial Data Presentation Training Workshop, we look at both sides. Participants will learn to delve deeper than your average financial report to find meaningful relationships between data, visualize risk, and opportunities and turn new insight into effective financial decisions.

Participant outcomes:

  • learn best practices used to visualize financial data across a range of tools and formats
  • learn to recognize the financial metrics that minimizes costs and produces a financial gain
  • learn from common financial data visualization mistakes and explore the ways to make your data work for you
Versions of these workshops can be taken in as little as 45 minutes up to full day and can be customized for specific industries or for mixed groups.

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About the facilitators

John “Otto” Ottinger is the co-founder and Managing Director of the Datalabs Agency, a data visualization and visual analytics design firm with offices in Los Angeles, Sydney, and Melbourne, Australia.

The Datalabs Agency, under Otto’s direction, focuses on four core areas: design strategy, data visualization, marketing analytics, and training.

Otto especially enjoy two parts of his job. Serving as a Chief Data Visualizer on high-profile projects often at the C-Suite level, he designs complex user interfaces for companies such as Nestlé, Accenture, Marriott Hotels, and American Express. Otto also runs the Datalabs Agency’s R&D shop, betting on a future where user interface and algorithm design meet interactive data models and predictive analytics. In this future, in marketing specifically, Otto likes to be at the crossroads where data becomes content, and content becomes data.

Excitement about his work and specific interests like the Internet of Things, visualizing digital marketing systems and automation gets Otto out of the office, presenting and speaking at data and design conferences. He talks openly about what he knows and doesn’t know (yet) in the fields of data visualization, data science, and visual analytics. With his knack for future-thinking, he’s also the brains behind most of our conference workshop ideas.

The focus of his work at Datalabs is the creation of real-time, interactive dashboards and data tools, and innovative visual reports. Otto’s previously held positions at National Geographic, in Washington, DC, and at Telstra.

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