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XAI software: How you simplify something as complex as the road network & traffic for an entire state

Through white-board sessions, armed with use cases, technical documentation and multiple data sources, we set to work on a Situational Awareness Platform for the Department of Transport. The solution was swiftly decided to center the platform around the humble map. Once that was decided, the project moved really quickly.

The challenge with this project was integrating a large number of data streams and use cases into the platform, all whilst keeping the platform simple and intuitive with a clean user interface (UI). The Datalabs Agency designed the resulting interfaces with intuitive ways for users to model data and traffic scenarios, using switches and toggles. The users of the web application tool access important information housed in ‘docking stations’, interactive panels that have the ability to open and close. In addition, by logging into the software, the experience of each user can be tailored or customized based on role, job title, and authority within the government department.

A large part of our pleasure when working on digital concepts like this is the process. A process we’ve found works best through collaborative design sessions, interactive and paper prototyping, and open communication.

As always at Datalabs, we aimed to both integrate and challenge the latest digital trends. The capabilities of custom web and software development seem endless, especially when it comes to data and information visualization. It’s all about placing elements together. In this case, the latest in map design meets the Internet of Things (IoT) with explainable artificial intelligence (XAI) designed in when and where the machines make or recommend decisions — creative design, surely, but not as complex as it sounds. 

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