United Parcel Service (UPS)

An Intro to Data Visualization and Storytelling Online Workshop

Learning how to present data in a captivating and memorable way
Delivering packages and documents worldwide
A virtual workshop from Melbourne to Singapore


Story & Design

Logistics & Geo-spatial Design: A Focus for the UPS Online Workshop

UPS in Singapore (United Parcel Service) reached out to The Datalabs Agency with a need to better their storytelling using data. Be it in an infographic or PowerPoint presentation form. We’d usually be jumping on a plane to meet up with the UPS folks in person, but given the pandemic, that just wasn’t an option. However, we were completely setup to give the workshop remotely. What we lack from giving a workshop in person, we well and truly made up for remotely. Let me explain… 

Webinar Software – Simple yet powerful 

We are using fit for purpose webinar software which comes with multiple features to allow for attendee interactions. That certainly doesn’t mean it is complicated and hard to use. It is actually very simple and intuitive with attendees utilizing its features immediately. Attendees are able to chat, take polls, ask questions, present, and more. All via their web browsers.  

Plus, don’t worry if you’re not a tech wiz. We’ll set you up with everything you need to know to make sure every attendee has the very best experience. 

Micro Exercises and more of them 

A large change we’ve made to the online version is to shorten the exercises and span them across the workshop. This has worked well to retain attendee attention and keep the energy levels high! It was great to see the UPS attendees taking to the stage and presenting. Well done again. 

More breaks 

As we teach in our workshop, always think of your audience and the environment they are in. We empathize with our workshop attendees. It’s much harder to sit at a computer concentrating for as long as it takes for us to do a workshop. Therefore, the sessions are split up more with breaks in between.  

More conversations and questions answered 

For the entire duration of the workshop, one facilitator will be presenting whilst the other answers questions in the chat section live. This is one of the large benefits of doing this workshop online. 

The workshop itself 

The list goes on. However, I should probably talk about the workshop itself. We began with a kick-off call with the UPS team to work out what they were wanting us to solve with this workshop. They had a need for more engaging presentations and an ability to reduce a lot of content into a simpler, more compelling, document.  

The Datalabs team set to work and began structuring the workshop pack to fit the brief. We not only covered these topics but by the end of the workshop, each attendee was able to produce a visual design that tells a compelling story. This was only achievable after we took them through our process of knowing what charts to choose, how to remove content and how to put everything into a story in a short amount of time. Overall, everyone had a lot of fun and learnt a lot. Including us! If you think your company could also benefit from our workshops, then please get in touch with someone from our friendly team. 

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