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Datalabs are a data analytics agency, specialising in finding insights through visualisation .

Datalabs starts its analysis of data, what we call our Insights-as-a-Service, by understanding the questions for which your business would like to get answers. The answers are somewhere in your data. The answers or insights are often found between datasets, through statistical methods, and through the curiosity of a skilled data analyst. Once found, a stand-alone insight needs to be placed into a business context, placed into a story, and memorably communicated to your audience. Only then can the they be acted on.

Data analysis is the crucial stage where people and machine meet.

Data sits flat — it’s inactive. We, humans, have to reach out and make something of it. Science and the human ability to interpret are at play. A certain balance is needed. But what’s for certain is that once the machine has done the heavy-lifting, the number crunching;  it’s time for a person to engage. Datalabs is an agency that engages with data. We’re experienced in its analysis. We know that the success of the whole process, from data collection to final presentation, relies heavily on sound data analysis by our analysts.

Datalabs uses software tools to bend and reformat information, deleting the extraneous bits that will only cause confusion. We’ll sculpt what’s relevant into smaller and smaller shapes, looking for insights there. Then we’ll communicate what we’ve found and show you an honest view of your data, the insights that our data analysis service has uncovered.

Data analysis is only the start, the first phase of Datalabs’ Insights-as-a-Service process.  We want to communicate effectively to yu and your stakeholders what we found. So we transfer you data to our  data journalists and data visualisers and they begin crafting a story, visually at first and then in words. In this phase, we begin to understand the stories we can tell with your data. We have the tools to get into your data and the communication and design skills to explain what we’re seeing. You, as the client, are on the journey with us every step of the way, seeing what we see and assisting in getting the story right for your business and those who run it.

Even if your company is equipped to analyse your own data, bringing Datalabs on as your company’s data agency makes sense. Communicating data insights is a skill and one that not all data professionals have. The Datalabs team is a creative bunch. We have writers, data visualisers, coders, and artists working together in this innovative and exciting space.

Find that insight in your haystack of data.

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Questions That Data Analysis Can Answer

[one_half]• Who are my best customers?
• What geographical region is under-performing in terms of sales?
• What effect did my last marketing campaign truly have on my company’s bottom line?
• Which of my company’s social media followers are the most positive and influential about my brand?
• How are my e-commerce sales affected by the weather?
[/one_half] [one_half_last]• Which type of content is most popular on my company’s social media channels?
• Who in my customer relations management (CRM) database responds favourable to my company’s e-mails?
• What search engine keywords will be important to my company in the future?
• Which digital marketing channel is the most inefficient at driving leads to my company’s website?
• How is my competitor doing on social media?