Marketing Analytics & Reporting Agency

Though our unique visual analytics lens, we’ll bring your marketing analytics & reports to life, visualising opportunities and risks in your marketing strategies and campaigns.

Data Collection, Interpretation, Strategy & Consultation.

Visual analytics is the science of analytical reasoning made possible by the use of interactive visual interfaces. We tend to see it as the visual interrogation of data, looking for abnormalities, gaps, clusters, and data patterns. We see data as having a texture. Datalabs works in the field of business analytics and assists companies and government agencies and departments in all facets of analytics. We work in financial, marketing, sales, communications, and research data.

Datalabs’ visual analytics methodology is simple.

After we collect and integrate data for our clients, we start our data analysis phase. Here the patterns are discovered. The patterns are in the data – and those patterns are invaluable. We’re interested in the signals — the highs and lows in data. They tell us the positives and negatives. The gaps. The faults. The strategies that are working.

Datalabs runs end-to-end data analytics projects.

From smaller Google Analytics installations to Big Data analytics projects, Datalabs is a data-driven agency that works hard to find insights.

Today’s employees are inundated with data and many simply don’t have the knowledge or training to analyse it. This is a problem Datalabs can help solve it.We look for people with an expertise in analytics that have a combination of skills: the curiosity of a journalist, the mind of a scientist, and the communication skills of an entertainer.

If it’s your business and your data – then it’s important you understand it.

We bring our tools and expertise—and we’ll look at the problem together with our clients. And when we’ve solved it, we’ll assist you in communicating the story of your data because we believe analytics can be creative. We look at how your data is gathered and where it’s gathered from. Then we look at how to simplify it and finally, how it is to be visualised and presented.

Datalabs is an analytics and data visualisation agency with all this under one roof. Contact Datalabs today about your analytics project and let us know how we can help.