Data Visualization Training:
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Learn from our experts and work with Datalabs to design a training program for your company.

Visualizing data — designing it simply, aesthetically, and with a well-structured story is hard. It’s hard for professional data visualizers; it’s certainly hard for analysts, researchers, communication experts and anyone who is immersed in data but not trained in design.

Datalabs can help. Datalabs, a creative data visualization and visual analytics agency, has been training staff members in companies and government agencies since 2013 in data visualization and visual storytelling. Since then, our data visualizers have spoken at conferences, engaged in one-to-one training with C-Suite executives, and have held workshops for hundreds of people.

We’re happy to share our knowledge of and passion for data visualization.

What Data Visualization Workshops does Datalabs Offer?

The data visualizers at Datalabs are constantly being challenged with the best ways to visualize data and to communicate it effectively in charts, graphs, infographics, and stories. So it makes sense that we’re constantly enhancing our data visualization courses and workshops and adding new ones every few months.
Datalabs offers a data visualization basics workshop that’s perfect for everyone just starting out in data design and visual storytelling — we call it, “Introduction to Data Visualization: Tools & Techniques”. From there, we offer additional workshops that incorporate the teachings and exercises of our intro workshop but expand upon it. These workshops focus on teaching a deeper understanding of a particular format of data visualization (infographics, dashboards), visually train company divisions (marketing, finance, human resources (HR), and sales) or delve headfirst into industry-specific data (government, investment banking, insurance, retirement & superannuation, energy, logistics & supply chain, and healthcare).

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About Our Data Visualization Training

Our agency is often engaged to provide on-going training for mid- to large-sized corporations or for government agencies at every level: Federal, State, and Municipal. Data visualization evolving fast, and the need for data visualization skills in areas or reporting, insights, and communication is growing day by day. Thinking more strategically about data is now a necessity. But data is not easily understood if it’s not visual; if it’s not communicated through a story.

That’s why Datalabs consults into transformation projects. It’s why we assist in corporations undergoing disruption and why communications & strategy teams seek us out to be apart of the change that is needed. It’s why we’re hired by executives to train them and their staff in the best practice data visualization principles.

Datalabs can provide data visualization training in many forms. Just let us know if you’d like us to offer training as part of your organisation’s on-going, business-as-usual employee education. We can also contribute as a part of a larger group of outside consultants (we play nicely with others!). And finally, Datalabs can offer data visualization training in the form of on-site workshops, bring our expertise direct to your offices.

Every employee who works with data or who is charged with communicating insights should have a background in data visualization. Our fantastic data designers at Datalabs have enjoyed training others with what we know. Our excitement will turn into your employees’ excitement. Leaving behind a passion and the skills to design simplified and impactful stories is our aim with our data visualization training. From there, Datalabs can stay on call to assist when and where we’re needed.

Let us know what you think and how we can help your organisation.

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