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Datalabs can install Google Analytics onto your website or mobile application, manage the updates, data analysis, and then visualise the insights in our beautiful dashboards.


Digital Marketing With Google Analytics

Datalabs offer a full data analysis and consultancy service for your digital marketing & web traffic, through Google Analytics.

We’re a creative and visually-focused analytics team that tests, measures and drives ROI from your web marketing.

Engage The Datalabs Agency to be your Google Analytics partner and start finding the answers to your business and marketing questions that have been hidden away in your website, traffic and channels data.


The audit is the least fun bit of the process – but necessary. We’ll make sure your data is honest and trustworthy. We can test and audit across all channels, pages, sites and old campaigns to make sure everything is hunky-dory. We also do an analysis of your Adwords data, Search Console or SEO reporting tool on their status and report back on the strength of your pages and determine any weak points and potential winners.


We feel our strengths are as a creative agency that works with data… We like this part because we get to talk to people and understand the challenges that we can use data to solve. We get to start talking to your team to understand the business goals and ambitions and the questions and ideas about how your web data is currently measured and tracked. We’ll get our lab coats on (figuratively speaking) and set up a plan to test, measure, prototype and create data-driven experiments. Naturally, we’ll measure the success and failure over the course of our engagement to get an in-depth understanding of what questions need to be answered, or asked, from your data (fail fast and always track and measure). 

In the back-end, we’ll set up the Google Analytics code, either with Universal tracking or Google Tag Manager. Now it’s time to test and benchmark the historical performance of the site, campaign, and channels.

Performance Measurement

We measure performance by the smiles of our satisfied clients. Ha. No, we have high-quality dashboards, reporting and some pretty cool interfaces that we can use to measure and track performance. We can customise those, create new ones or work within your current reporting tools. 

After benchmarking (understanding the past & current status) we run content experiments, we look to find or create niches that drive future trends (i.e. visual content, multivariate testing on different distribution networks). Or in plain English, we can setup predictive experiments (statistically, not crystal ball predictive) that understand the best time, method, channel and return on ad spend.

Better Reporting

If you’re getting your Google Analytics reports periodically or by PDF, stop, please stop. Datalabs can design real-time analytics dashboards for your company. Don’t wait days, weeks or months for reports. Don’t clutter your desk and crowd your email inboxes with meaningless and out of date reports. Get your Google Analytics insights via an app, a dashboard, custom interface, or see them on a large corporate monitor. This is how you spread a data-driven culture in your organisation.

How It Works


Our engagements go from 3, 6, 12 months and are costed based on things like website size, amount of data, how many experiments and what needs to be fixed.


We start with a whiteboard session, in person, to flesh out engagement and what you would like to know that will ultimately give you a competitive advantage.


We’ll have a dedicated team, led by an account manager who’ll report back to you on our findings and help set up and manage your reporting interface/data.


We’ll work with your web developers, external agencies, and marketing team to make to make sure everyone’s getting the best, most useful data and insight from what we do.

Want to work with an analytics agency that does it a little differently? Get in touch and we’ll show you how.

Give us a call on 03 9416 3033 (AUS) or +1 (650) 646-3793 (USA).

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