Designing Great Dashboards Training

Learn best practices for next-generation dashboards in this fast-paced, hands-on workshop.

From: $450

Designing Great Business Dashboards is the only workshop that will teach you how to design stunning business dashboards with ease. Our workshop facilitators keep the insights coming fast, they keep the learning environment fun, and the exercises clear and easy. All our data visualization workshops are taught with step-by-step instructions showing exactly what needs to be done each step of the way.


What will attendees learn? You’ll learn:


  • which types of charts work best for different types of data;
  • what questions to ask when designing your dashboard;
  • how to use colors effectively;
  • the graphic design skills to design high-quality, eye-catching dashboards & reports;
  • the knowledge on how to create interactive, engaging dashboards that are easy for anyone to understand;
  • how to increase productivity by creating superior dashboards in less time.

Use your data and your dashboard in your workshop. We’ll design the exercises with them, too.



See What We Can Teach You in This Workshop

We focus on creativity, the user experience, and a 12-step process.

Designing Dashboards for Your Audience
Really understand the person or group of people you are designing for. Let’s look at methods to do just that.
The Best Insights
Stop visualizing numbers. Your audience wants answers, context, and a sophisticated story designed for them.
The Greatest in Dashboard Grids & Templates
Regardless of whether you use Tableau or Power BI, you should be using grids and templates.
Getting Your UI Right for a Great UX
What are the possibilities for laying out your dashboard’s user interface? Let’s look at some real-world examples.
Define Your Dashboard's Objective
What’s the point of your dashboard?! We’ll show you the types of dashboard objectives you can work with.
Reds, Greens, & the Importance of Color
Let’s review best-practices for dashboard color palettes before we design our first pixel.
Storytelling & Insights
Dashboards aren’t the strongest storytellers in data visualization. However, the insights inside them can make them memorable.
Tips & Tricks for Great Dashboard Design
Icons, diagrams, interactivity, and influences — we give our professional advice for better data design.

The Designing Great Dashboards Workshop is facilitated by our Managing Director, Otto Ottinger, a data visualizer with over 15 years of experience in dashboard design in the United States, Asia, Australia, Europe, & the Middle East.

A photo of our dashboard design consultant, Otto Ottinger

Otto Ottinger

Managing Director

Otto Ottinger

Managing Director

ABOVE: Get up to speed with this quick video, explaining what you can expect to learn in a dashboard design workshop with us. You’ll see some of our facilitators, you’ll get a feel for our thinking, and you’ll see the visual content that makes our training so memorable.

Work With a Vision for Designing Dashboards

Get professional tips on forming a team with best practice dashboard design skills.

Icon for Data Visualization Workshop: Storytelling for Government

One Audience, Clearly Understood

Here we teach empathy — think about your dashboard’s audience. Get to them exactly the insights they need to see.

Get Source Material

We’ve got the material for training entire teamsin data visualization. Get your Tableau and Power BI teammates trained in what happens before everything is developed!
User interaction icon

Grids & Layouts

Are you using a grid system for your dashboards? We’ll show how these grids can speed up your workflow and improve your overall designs.

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Additional information


Four hours

Number of attendees

Minimum: 5, Maximum: 20

Number of facilitators

1-2, depending on availability

Number of chapters


Number of exercises


Available conference platforms

Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Webex

Break times

A 10 minute break each hour and an hour break if workshop is on one day

Additional options

Available to split workshop over two days upon email request

Attendee requests

To bring blank sheets of paper, markers and be willing to present at stages

Software requirements

No software needed apart from video conference

Attendee handouts

1 x exercise workbook, 1 x reduced workshop pack

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