An Introduction to Data Visualization and Storytelling Training

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Our data visualization and storytelling training is our most popular service due to it catering to very common needs. These needs include:  how to engage your audience through data storytelling, how to visualize a large amount of information into something beautiful and informative, and what the process is to easily incorporate this into your workflow. Well, we’ll teach you all of that through a blend of theory and exercises in an informative and entertaining manner to ensure your staff stay engaged and learning.


Participants at any level of experience with data and design will get a lot out of the training. We’ll adjust to experience levels and have taught a diverse range of skillsets and industries with great results. We start simple and build up to attendees bringing it all together and designing a data visualization in their format of choice.

Use your data and your dashboard in your workshop. We’ll design the exercises with them, too.



What We Teach in This Workshop

See the future of data design and learn the best practices for visualizing data and telling better stories.

Focusing on your audience to know what data you can leave out.
The Best Chart or Graph
The bread and butter of data visualization: How do you decide on the best chart or graph for your data?
Data Visualization Formats & Software
Understand the pros & cons of infographics, dashboards, & visual reports.
Icons & Diagrams
Learn to source & create icons and diagrams for your reporting and presentations.
Examples of Data Stories
Get proper training on what business stories look like and how they can be presented.
Graphic Design & Data
Learn what graphic design principles best impact your data.
Visualize Insights, Not Metrics
Know the difference between a metric and an insight, because your audience does.
Sketching Your Grid & Visuals
Before you get on any data visualization tool, learn the importance of grids and a quick sketch.

The Introduction to Data Visualization & Storytelling Workshop is taught by our Managing Director, Otto Ottinger, a data visualizer with over 10 years of experience training corporate & government employees in Australia, Asia, Europe, the Middle East, & the United States.

A photo of our dashboard design consultant, Otto Ottinger

Otto Ottinger

Managing Director

Otto Ottinger

Managing Director

ABOVE: Hit play to see snippets of a recent online training workshop, facilitated by Associate Directors Kristian Wisener and Cass Lilley.

An Introduction is Just the Beginning

Post training, attendees have all the tools and guidance to design beautiful and informative data visualizations with a defined narrative to increase audience engagement.

Icon for Workshop Introduction to Data Visualization Tools and Techniques

The Data Viz?

Learn how to choose and best design charts, icons, diagrams and bring them together in a presentation, infographic or dashboard.

The Storytelling?

We’ll teach you our storytelling method to increase your data viz being actioned based on your objectives.
Data Visualization Training for Those in the Superannuation or Retirement Industry

The Process?

You’ll learn how to quickly apply data viz and storytelling to your current work through our simple and well refined process.

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Additional information


Four hours

Number of attendees

Minimum: 5, Maximum: 20

Number of facilitators

1-2, depending on availability

Number of chapters


Number of exercises


Available conference platforms:

Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Webex

Break times

A 10 minute break each hour and an hour break if workshop is on one day

Additional options

Available to split workshop over two days upon email request

Attendee requests

To bring blank sheets of paper, markers and be willing to present at stages

Attendee handouts

1 x exercise workbook, 1 x reduced workshop pack

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