Examples of Our Data Visualisation Work.

Below you’ll find an whole lot of our data visualisation work. From data infographics, reports & interactive visualisations all the way through to animated data videos and reporting microsites.

  • PowerPoint Slide

    PowerPoint Slide

  • Keynote Slide

    Keynote Slide

  • Australia Votes Infographic

    Australia Votes Infographic

  • PowerPoint Slide

    PowerPoint Slide

  • Smoking Infographic

    Smoking Infographic

  • Interactive Time Line

    Interactive Time Line

  • Healthcare Funding Infographic

    Healthcare Funding Infographic

  • Pacific Tuna Stocks Infographic

    Pacific Tuna Stocks Infographic

  • Meeting Etiquette

    Meeting Etiquette

  • Anz Mining Microsite

    Anz Mining Microsite

  • Data Viz Art

    Data Viz Art

  • Infographic Long View

    Infographic Long View

  • HR Dashboard

    HR Dashboard

  • Data Presentation

    Data Presentation

  • Infographic Summary

    Infographic Summary

  • Media Reach Infographic

    Media Reach Infographic

  • Summary Slide PowerPoint

    Summary Slide PowerPoint

  • Sales & Ecommerce Dashboard

    Sales & Ecommerce Dashboard

  • NAB Infographic

    NAB Infographic

  • Xero Infographic

    Xero Infographic

  • Infographic Report

    Infographic Report

  • Infographic Landscape

    Infographic Landscape

  • Tableau Dashboard

    Tableau Dashboard

  • Data Presentation

    Data Presentation

  • Dashboard Case Study

    Dashboard Case Study

  • Infographic Report

    Infographic Report

  • Interactive Bubble Chart

    Interactive Bubble Chart

  • Industry Infographic

    Industry Infographic

  • CSIRO Infographic

    CSIRO Infographic

  • Govt. Debt Infographic

    Govt. Debt Infographic

  • Investa Land Microsite

    Investa Land Microsite

  • Infographic Report

    Infographic Report

  • ANZ Interactive

    ANZ Interactive

  • Budget 2015 Video

    Budget 2015 Video

  • Digital Maps

    Digital Maps

  • Federal Budget

    Federal Budget

  • Interactive Infographic

    Interactive Infographic

  • Apra Amcos Microsite

    Apra Amcos Microsite

  • Presentation Slide

    Presentation Slide

  • Finance Dashboard

    Finance Dashboard

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