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Data Presentation Workshops: using data & design to present a visual story

Learn how to present data as a compelling narrative with a focus on infographics and presentation with PowerPoint.

Data presentations are stories.

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We believe in stories with an opinion and sound data analysis so that a time-poor executive or an easily distracted audience will leave with your important insights and your opinions in the front of their minds. Get the confidence to influence and entertain your audience. It all starts with designing your data well and using storytelling to make it memorable.

We teach the techniques we use in our day to day agency life to tell stories will stay in the minds of the audience long after the presentation has ended.

Data is believable. With a story, it’s memorable.

Data is inherently quantified, so there’s trust in what the data is saying. It just needs a story, a visual story. Bring together the science of visual analytics with the artful techniques of fiction and non-fiction storytelling.

Does your story have a villain (a competitor), is this a coming-of-age tale (from start-up to established business), have you — personally — helped in your own way to turn around a business unit (the protagonist undergoes a change)? The audience in your presentation understands these characters and narratives in a story; they’re exposed to stories countless times a day. That’s how we understand and link information together.

The workshop covers the following techniques:

  • The basics of data visualisation
  • Selecting charts that tell a story
  • The structure of a narrative & story
  • Composition and control of the narrative
  • Visual and temporal storytelling techniques

The workshop is a mix of presentation, practical exercises and theory and runs a minimum of 4 hours and up to 2 days for customised workshop. It’s technology agnostic and can cater to any skill level or background (i.e. designers, analysts, comms teams, execs etc.).

The workshops are held on-site at your offices and are usually conducted with 5-15 people. Accommodations can be made for larger groups or off-site locations.

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Uses for Data Presentations

[one_third]Sales Reports
Visualizing PR Research
Conference Presentations
Sales Presentations
Financial Reports
SlideShare Content
[/one_third] [one_third]Executive Presentations
Shareholder Presentations
Advertising Campaigns
Annual Reports
[/one_third] [one_third_last]Education Reports
Political Speeches
Product Launches
CEO Presentations
Marketing Campaigns