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Data Presentations

Infographic World MapDatalabs Design Presentations, Pitch Decks, Product or Sales Presentations.

Data Presentation Has Evolved Through Visualisation.

Presenting data needn’t be boring. Don’t settle for standard PowerPoint or Keynote.

Your presentation can be cinematic. Data can be persuasive, engaging, and even shocking. If you have a compelling data story to tell, then present it in a way that is engaging, clear and powerful.

Data presentations in PowerPoint have come a long way since the days of Excel. There’s new software, new techniques, and like fashion, there are new trends in data visualisation that are being used. If it’s important enough to present in front of an audience, it’s important to design your data with the latest tools.

Consult Experts In Data Visualization, Infographic Design and Digital Storytelling

Look at your audience from an entertainment lens first — coming from a business background, you might be prone to put important metrics like revenue, profitability, customer acquisition, and shareholder value on a presentation pedestal, confusing your story and losing your audience in a haze of meaningless data.

Data presentations are stories. You Can Tell Them With Animations, Infographics & Data Visualisation.

Using the techniques available, stories will stay in the minds of the audience long after the presentation has ended. We can design long presentations with the use of animated slides, charts and graphs as well as help integrate animation and video into the presentation. We can use the presentation as the basis of a large content campaigning for your website or annual report.


Believe in simplicity.

Believe in stories with an opinion and sound data analysis, so that a time-poor executive or an easily distracted audience will leave with your important insights and your opinions in the front of their minds. Nearly every employee dreads public speaking, and nearly every executive wants to reach the heights of Apple’s Steve Jobs with his or her presentation. Get the confidence to influence and entertain your audience. It all starts with designing your data well.

Data is believable.

It’s inherently quantified, so there’s trust in what the data is saying. It just needs a story, a visual story. Bring together the science of visual analytics with the artful techniques of fiction and non-fiction storytelling.

Does your story have a villain (a competitor), is this a coming-of-age tale (from start-up to established business), have you — personally — helped in your own way to turn around a business unit (the protagonist undergoes a change)? The audience in your presentation understands these characters and narratives in a story; they’re exposed to stories countless times a day. That’s how we understand and link information together.

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Uses for Data Presentations

Sales Reports
Visualizing PR Research
Conference Presentations
Sales Presentations
Financial Reports
SlideShare Content
Executive Presentations
Shareholder Presentations
Advertising Campaigns
Annual Reports
Education Reports
Political Speeches
Product Launches
CEO Presentations
Marketing Campaigns

Looking for Great Data Design?

Get beautiful, animated presentations in Photoshop and Illustrator and display them in PowerPoint.
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Data Presentation Services

Data Presentation Formats

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Data-Driven Content Marketing

Curated Content specialises in content marketing in Australia. This PowerPoint presentation showcases their strong client list and their perspective on why data-driven content marketing is so vital to businesses, brands, and government agencies.

Technical Specifications for Our Data Presentations


PowerPoint & Effective Imagery

Our executive data presentations are designed and delivered as PowerPoint files (.pptx or .ppt). We design the imagery of the slides in Illustrator and Photoshop. Initial data visualizations can also be made in R or other visual analytics software.
Get an introductory education on the tools and techniques that data visualizers are using today. Click the 'Workshop' link for more details.
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