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Data Visualization

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The Datalabs team has been designing data interfaces for over ten years.

We consult on and produce designs for all sorts of visual analytics projects. We’ve worked as journalists, developers, and UX designers. And we come from a business background, so we know results matter. And we think data visualisation gets results.

Always Be Visual.

Data Visualisation Flow chartDatalabs believes a spreadsheet of data, an Excel or a CSV file, should always be visualised. If not, it’s a meal only partially cooked. The data is there, but it’s not communicating anything. It’s not engaging. Everyone worldwide has limited time and a limited span of attention. The presentation of data needs to be factual, simplified, and highly visual. Insights should pop out.

Data visualisers with business backgrounds are vital assets to companies and governments that are struggling to analyse and communicate the data they have and the data that’s coming. The great practitioners of data visualisation are like computer programmers with graffiti artist skills.

Storytellers like Stephen Few, Nicholas Felton, and David McCandless visualise data with charts, graphs, and other visual methods, exposing the patterns and proportions inside datasets.

The Possibilities Are Endless. We Help Make Your Company More Data-Driven & That Data More Visual.

Datalabs Process

At Datalabs, We Do Amazing Things With Data

— integrating it, organising it, and then visualising only the most compelling pieces to tell a story using graphics, illustrations, icons, and animation.

Whether you’re an executive that needs help with an important presentation or an organisation striving for a data-driven culture, Datalabs can help.

If you’re new to data visualisation, welcome. We think you’ll like it here.

Check out our work here and see if there’s something you like.

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 Uses for Data Visualisations

Sales Collateral
Visualising PR Research
Business Intelligence Dashboards
Sales Presentations
Motion Graphics
Television Graphics
Shareholder Presentations
Executive Presentations
Advertising Campaigns
Editorial Content
Political Polling
Annual Reports
Financial Reports
Sports Statistics
Real Estate Maps
Geographical Heat Maps
Historical Timelines
Revenue Forecasts
Sales Dashboards
Big Data Visualisations

Data Visualisation Products

Data Visualisation Services

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Visual Financial Modelling & Systems Visualisations

Visual Financial Modelling & Systems Visualisations

A Finance Data Problem. Visual Financial Modelling & Systems Visualisations Digitised cash is invisible. It’s physical existence and its flow through your company’s coffers are referenced

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Technical Specifications of Our Data Visualizations


Web Standards for Data Visualizations

Our data visualisations are programmed in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Modern web browsers like Google Chrome and Apple Safari are supported.
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