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The Data Visualisation Tools and Techniques Workshop comes to you.
Learn the secrets of data visualisation storytelling.
Choose the best chart & graph types for your data.

Data Visualisation Tools & Techniques Workshop & Course

N.B: If you’re flying solo and looking for our open-to-the-public workshops, then click here to see our Eventbrite listings of upcoming workshops around the country. 


Skill up your corporate or government organisation’s abilities in data visualisation and storytelling.

This half or full day data visualisation workshop will empower your team to find, simplify, and visualise data using cutting-edge tools and techniques. And then instruct them on creating an engaging and memorable story with the power of data visualisation in all its formats.

Data Visualisation Tools Techniques Course Presentation SlideThe structure of Datalabs’ data visualisation workshop revolves around the tools and techniques that are used for the effective communication of insights. It’s geared to those that are on the ‘front lines’, ie. analysts, marketers, researchers, content creators, or those other positions that are handling data in their everyday jobs.

The business environment is changing and our workshop aims to give attendees a beginner’s skill-set for visualising and communicating data.

A Crash Course in Data Visualisation

Workshop attendees will learn to simplify their data and understand which chart and graph types are useful for which types of data. After this data visualisation training session, attendees will also discover for themselves the techniques for highlighting insights and teasing out the best visuals using graphic design software. And finally, the Datalabs’ Tools & Techniques Workshop instructor will instruct your team on how best to tell a story using data visualisation. Workshop attendees learn how to ‘storify’ their data visualisation, placing visual design into a variety of content formats: data presentations, animated data videos, and infographic reports. At the end of this course, your team will have created beautiful and insightful data visualisations for themselves.

So with that in mind, here’s the outline of Datalabs’ Data Visualisation Tools & Techniques Workshop:

Disruption and Opportunity in the World of Data: A Summary of What’s Happening

What Question are You Asking from your Data?
Simplifying the Data for Your Story

Communicating with Data + Design
Data Design: Chart & graphs
Formats for Data Visualisation & Presentation
Hierarchy and Design Fundamentals with Data

The Software Stack for a Modern Data Visualiser
Software, Formats, & Training
Brief Overview of Adobe Illustrator, After Effects, Tableau Desktop, & Data Visualisation Coding (HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript)

Storytelling with Data Visualisation
Choices in Stories & Narrative
Examples of Control in Storytelling
The Best Examples in Visual Storytelling

Practical Exercises 
Dashboards Design and Hierarchy
Infographic Brief, Format and Narrative
Complex Charts and Data Visualisations

The hope is that those in attendance will get a well-rounded set of techniques to get the insights out of the data and communicate them better in more simplified ways. Datalabs’ instructors teach the workshop attendees what we, as a data visualisation agency, know, giving attendees new options and outlets for their data and their careers.

Practical Information About Organising A Workshop

A Travelling Data Visualisation Workshop

Datalabs has given the Data Visualisation Tools & Techniques Workshop at conferences, at large corporate events, or simply as a ‘brown bag’ lunch activity for interested employees. Distance is no problem, either – we can facilitate our workshops via webinar if you need.

Who Is It For?

From the Boardroom to the analyst’s desk, the ideas and techniques featured in this workshop are vital for all modern executives dealing with data, time-poor stakeholders, and corporate communications.

We’ve held workshops for:

  • Executive Teams
  • Analytics and Data Teams
  • Designers in corporate & government
  • Finance Teams
  • Marketing Teams
  • …and mixed groups of enthusiasts or people just wanting to know more.

The Data Visualisation Tools & Techniques Workshop is a paid workshop.

  • The workshop is designed for companies and government agencies
  • Groups of between 5-10 people are most common but we can accomodate up to 20.
  • Individual tutoring is available for executive-level employees only (C-Suite, Directors and above). And availability is limited. The Workshop can be arranged for a half or full day

Logistics & Organisation

  • The workshops are a half or full day
  • We come to you and organise transport
  • We can organise venues if necessary
  • It can take a few weeks to organise so get in early

Visualise what our data visualisation workshop can do for your business and contact Datalabs today!

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* Datalabs’ “Data Visualisation: Tools & Techniques” Workshop is delivered in English only.
Translation, if desired, should be arranged by the host company.

Get an introductory education on the tools and techniques that data visualisers are using today. Get in touch with Datalabs and inquire about the eligibility and availability of running this workshop for your employees!
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